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Harley-Davidson Pan America

Harley-Davidson shocked the world with its new electric, adventure, and small bikes. So, what do you think about them?

Harley-Davidson dropped a bit of a bombshell on us recently when they unveiled not one, not two, but three new bikes. And plans for several more. Now, the fact that H-D is rolling out new products wasn’t a surprise, of course. But these are bikes that stray far from what the legendary maker of motorcycles is known for. It’s a brave new world, for sure. But one that’s got our members here in the Harley-Davidson Forums all revved up for the future.

AgentOrange883, for one, could barely contain himself at the news.

“Hole E Chit!!! I can’t even sit still I’m so excited!!!! Wow!!!!”

Which is pretty much the same reaction everyone had. Heck, even the hardcore, old school Harley folks like 06Ultraman seemed to be pleased with this new direction.

“Bravo Harley!!!!!!!! There is no choice but to boldly move forward with change and innovation to lure younger folks. I like tradition too, but we old farts need to be happy that the MoCo is trying to be the lead brand for the future. DON’T underpower these new bikes!!!! They must be just as explosive as the rice burners.”

Harley-Davidson Custom 1250

In fact, nevada72 wasn’t even sure if he was dreaming. Maybe somebody should pinch him.

“Looks pretty crazy. Adventure bikes. Sport bikes. Electric motorcycles and mountain bikes. I hope it’s true.”

Everybody expressed their excitement in different ways, of course. But teal379‘s might be going just a little too far.

“The Streetfighter makes my pants tighten up. Love that bike.”

Harley-Davidson Streetfighter 975

A lot of members have been eyeballing bikes in these new categories as well. Which means that Harley-Davidson might just win them over with these new products.

“I’ve been thinking hard about buying a GS1200 or KTM 1290 Adventure,” said CyGlide. “This may hold me off on making a decision. If the Harley can compete with those two bikes I will buy one.”

“I have been wanting an adventure bike,” said roadrash3. “I’ve been eyeing the BMW when it comes out next year because the new motor is supposed to take it from 125 hp to 140 hp. I love the look of the Harley adventure bike, but I’m assuming it is going to be in the power range of the Honda African twin, which will be lame. Hopefully not.”

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

It almost seems like Harley-Davidson has been listening to us, as upflying points out.

“But, but, the old men who buy Harley-Davidsons won’t like these bikes. All kidding aside, this is exactly what we have been suggesting on this forum for years.”

One thing’s for sure – this earth shattering news has caused quite the stir here in the forums. But so far, it’s been pretty much all warm and fuzzies from our members. So we want to know what you think! Head over here and let us know how you feel about this brave new Harley-Davidson world. And tell us if you think that these new models are just what the doctor ordered!

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