Harley-Davidson Introduces CVO Breakout for 2013

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Fans of the Harley’s highest end line will have a new bike to add to their wish list come next year. They’re calling it the CVO Breakout.
Performance wise, the Breakout is probably the quickest bike in the CVO line. It makes 112 lb-ft of torque at 2750 rpm. It’s no lightweight at 728 lbs, but that torque should be more than enough to make it move at a good clip.
The big draw is the styling. All of the CVO bikes feature a high degree of polish. They’re Harley’s most focused effort and it shows. The Breakout isn’t any different in this regard. Both fenders are chopped, the front end is raked, the wheels are wide, and the whole bike is low and long. Harley is also introducing their “Hard Candy” paint on the bike.
Some riders might remember a similar paint job becoming popular throughout the 60’s and 70s’. According to Harley, that trend is coming back. The special, glittery metallic paint will also be available on Street Bob, Seventy Two, Blackline, Softail Deluxe, and Forty-Eight.
If you think you’d look good on the Breakout, you’re going to have to pay up. Being a CVO, it’s not cheap at $27,000. If that sounds a little steep, (it is) you might want to wait till Harley offers it in a non-CVO configuration. We don’t know what that’ll be, but it’s probably somewhere on the horizon.
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