Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88/88B Engine: Overview and Specs

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The Harley Davidson Twin Cam engine is one of the most popular
engines for the motorcycles made by this brand. Coming in two different
models of V-Twin engine, 88 and 88B, the twin cam was initially released
for the production year 1999. Although they’ve subsequently been
replaced by a more modern version of the same engine (as of 2006) a good
number of Harley Davidson riders still make use of the Twin Cam 88 or
88B models. Read on for a brief overview of the specs of these engines.


The total displacement of the 88 twin cam engine is 1450 cc, or 88
cubic inches. The 88B is 96 cubic inches, for a total of 1584 cc
displacement. This is a marked improvement over the previous engine
models, allowing for greater horsepower for the motorcycles.

Spark Firing

One of the most revolutionary systems within Harley Davidson’s 88 and
88B twin cam engines is the dual coil system. This ensures that no
spark is wasted, and is another noticeable improvement over the previous
models of engine. In these, sparks fired unnecessarily and were wasted

Bathtub Shape Combustion Champer

The unique shape of the combustion chamber allows for higher levels
of compression in the engine. It also improves the overall efficiency of
the engine, ensuring that you’re putting the fuel to the best use
possible when you ride your Harley that’s outfitted with a twin cam 88
or 88B engine.

Cams and Cam Drive

The twin cam engines are so named because there is one cam for each
cylinder of the engine. Moreover, each cam has 2 distinct lobes, which
provides for a better alignment with the other parts of the engine. The
cam drive is based on a chain model that is silent. While this does
effectively reduce the noise created by the engine, many users find that
it doesn’t provide the same accuracy of timing that they have come to
expect from previous models of Harley Davidson engine. as a result,
aftermarket replacement cam drives are routinely installed in these
vehicles by various owners.

Overall, the Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88 and 88B engines are
outstanding models of efficiency and power. They provide your Harley
Davidson with a secure, competent engine system that’s reliable and
strong. Ask a Harley Davidson dealer or repair shop for more information
about these engines.

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