A Knucklehead for the Canadian Military

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Just like the US Military, the Canadian Military turned to Harley-Davidson to provide them with motorcycles during WWII.  The main model built for the Canadians was the WLC, which was very similar to the ubiquitous WLA.  Perhaps because they were interested in a motorcycle with more power or one with a more advanced engine, the Canadians also had HD build a small run of forty-four Knucklehead powered motorcycles under the model name ELC.

The ELC was powered by a 61 cubic inch overhead valve engine, which was a considerable improvement over the 45 cubic inch side valve engines used in the WLAs and WLCs.  The engine was mated to a standard 3-speed transmission with reverse as the motorcycle was designed for sidecar use.  It had a number of other interesting features like tandem seats, front and rear stands, interchangeable wheels, an XA front end with big twin rockers and a left side mounted sidecar with side cutouts.

Not a bad looking motorcycle.  I think those Canadians may have been on to something…

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