Harley’s Screamin’ Eagle Packages Upgrade Milwaukee-Eight

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Screamin’ Eagle packages offer up big performance gains with zero compromises.

If you know anything about Harley-Davidson, you’re also undoubtedly familiar with their Screamin’ Eagle line of performance parts. In fact, you probably already have some on your bike. For years, Screamin’ Eagle has offered enthusiasts a quick, easy, turnkey way to improve the performance of their Harley. That holds true for V-Twins of the past, as well as Milwaukee-Eights of the present. And in this informative video, we get a little peek behind the methodology of these packages from expert Scott Miller.

One of the most appealing things about Screamin’ Eagle upgrades is you only need to pick what level of power you want and go with the corresponding package. “With Screamin’ Eagle upgrades, we’ve simplified the approach,” Miller explains. “We’ve simplified them into stages, one through four. Each offering a different level of performance improvement, a different investment.”

Screamin' Eagle

Which, of course, is exactly what enthusiasts are used to. But unlike other aftermarket offerings, there are some distinct benefits to keeping it in house. “With Screamin’ Eagle, the integration into the motorcycle is something that’s unmatched,” Miller said. “So these are by Harley-Davidson for our motorcycles. Nobody else can say that.”

And while some upgrades can create problems with emissions, legality, and warranties in some states, that isn’t the case here, either. “There’s no risk with Screamin’ Eagle upgrades,” Miller adds. “So if you stick with the 50 state U.S. EPA compliance solutions, your warranty remains intact.”

Screamin' Eagle

All that and up to a claimed 50% improvement in power is pretty impressive. For us, sticking with factory upgrades makes a lot of sense. After all, when you drop big money on a new Harley, the last thing you want to do is risk losing your warranty!

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