Shotgun (Exhaust) Wedding: H-D Shop Hosts Customers’ Wedding!

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Missouri’s Hideout Harley Davidson does more than just sell cool bikes. 

For most of us, Harley-Davidson much more than just a brand of motorcycle. It’s a lifestyle, a passion, and a way of life. So, it’s really no surprise that Harley couples tend to stick together and ride together. This isn’t the sort of hobby that you do by yourself, after all. And that fact was on full display recently when Joplin, Missouri, couple Robert and Cathie Finch tied the knot not at some church, but at Hideout Harley Davidson.

The venue makes perfect sense given the fact that the biker couple originally met two years ago at Hideout ahead of MDA’s annual Ride for Life. So, they not only chose this special venue for the special event, but also timed it right before this year’s Ride for Life.

Harley Wedding

It’s the kind of love story that even the most stone-hearted folks can get behind. Especially when you hear Mrs. Finch lend her advice to the unwed. “Just follow your heart,” Finch told local news source Four States Homepage. “Happiness is around the corner believe it or not and just live life to the fullest, with someone you really, really want to be beside.”

The Finch’s story is even more meaningful if you consider the fact that both were widowed prior to meeting each other. A mutual friend introduced them on that fateful day years ago, and the two have obviously been inseparable since. Well, except for the day after their wedding, that is.

Sadly, Finch had to work after the wedding, so no honeymoon for these love birds just yet. But they do plan on celebrating the occasion with with a ride or some sort of trip. And what else would you expect from such a hardcore Harley loving couple?

Harley Wedding

People tend to get married in some strange places sometimes. But in this case, the venue just seems right. So what if you’re thinking about adding a little orange and black to your wedding? Well, we’ve already done the homework for you in terms of planning. Just head over here and check out some great suggestions on how to do it right!

Photos: Facebook; Four States Homepage

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