Police Training or Stuntman School?

When Sergeant Catlin set out to design a new motorcycle training program for mounted police in Burbank, CA, he came up with quite a few interesting obstacles and drills for his officers to practice.

  Comments | By - May 8, 2015

Getting Chummy with Indian Motorcycles

Early pioneers in the field of aviation often relied on motorcycle engines to power their winged creations as they were cheap, reliable and readily available.

  Comments | By - April 29, 2015

The Tramp that Started S&S Cycles

Since their humble beginnings in a basement back in ’58, S&S Cycle has been producing high performance parts that have proved themselves time and again, both on the street and at the racetrack.

  Comments | By - April 23, 2015

Join the Army and Learn to Ride

While Harley-Davidson was cranking out tens of thousands of motorcycles to meet the demands of the military, the U.S. Army was faced with the task of training service men to ride the fleet of new machines.

  Comments | By - April 15, 2015

Speedway Racing Down Under

In the late 1910’s, a new type of motorcycle racing evolved in Australia known as Speedway Racing and it quickly spread across the ocean to the U.S. and England. Speedway racing was held on oval tracks covered with loosely packed dirt or cinders (the rock, not ashes) which allowed the racers to slide their motorcycles through the corners.

  Comments | By - April 8, 2015

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