All Female Mud Racing

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All Female Mud Racing, sounds like the latest thing to see down at Daytona Bike Week.  This event actually took place in the late 1940’s, with the participants riding a new lightweight Harley-Davidson known as the S-125.  Unlike later lightweights what would be built by the Italian company Aeramacchi, these machines were built right here in the US by Harley-Davidson.  The odd thing was that they were based on plans taken from the Germans as part of reparations from WWII, so strictly speaking, that weren’t designed by Harley.


Even with their German heritage, the S-125 was extremely popular.  More than 10,000 units were sold the first year and by the end of their production run in 1952, over 31,000 S-125s had rolled out of  Milwaukee.  As the name would suggest, the bike was powered by a 125cc 2-stroke engine, mated to a three speed transmission and produced 3 horsepower.  With a dry weight of just 170lbs, the S-125 was the perfect bike for around town, the beginner rider or a women looking for something a bit lighter than a Panhead.  Think of it as the Buell Blast of it’s day.  Based on the photos, I’d say that it was fairly capable offroad too although even a modern dirt bike might be hard pressed running in the extreme conditions of that mud track.


S-125s are still available today and can be picked up for a few thousand or less.  For someone interested in learning how to restore vintage motorcycles, this would a much more affordable option compared to any antique Big Twin.  Plus it would give you a chance to start your own All Female Mud Racing circuit!




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