Harley Davidson Accessories Guide – Accessories For Storage

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Storage options for a Harley Motorcycle are much more diverse and easy-to-manage than many might think.  Long rides out through the mountains or desert can easily mean the need to have a little more room for food or personal items.  Don’t get caught out in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t have enough room to pack the essentials.

Saddle Bags

“Soft” saddlebags are detachable and are often made of soft leather
or leather-like material. They mount on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle
in the rear fender/wheel area of the vehicle. Some are the throw-over
“pony express” type bags seen on many motorcycles.

Today, as opposed to in the past with older bags, soft saddlebags retain their shape whether
empty or full. You can also choose rigid saddlebags. These bags, of
course, also hold their shape and are made of plastic or fiberglass;
some versions are leather-covered. Many saddlebags have quick-release
clips, which allow you to remove the bags easily for transporting or
packing them; locks for added security; and tight closing mechanisms to
protect your gear from the elements. Both rigid and soft bags come with
mounting hardware and can be used on Sportster and larger
Harley-Davidson vehicles.

Tour Pak Storage

Tour Paks are rigid luggage-type carriers that mount on brackets,
usually behind the passenger on the rear fender. Many Tour Pak-type
carriers offer enough storage for a helmet or even two, depending on
helmet size. Tour Pak carriers usually have a built-in backrest for
passenger comfort. Tour Paks can be locked and feature quick release
mechanisms for easy transport and packing. This type of luggage also
features safe, rigid construction with some versions offering leather
or leather-like finishes. Many Tour Paks also feature matching or
complementary paint schemes, decals, and logos. Fits Sportster and many
larger Harley-Davidson vehicles.

Other Storage Options

There are other storage options for your Harley-Davison. For
example, you can purchase a tail bag of rigid leather material that
rests on the rear fender of your ride. You can get a tank bag, also of
rigid leather that mounts on your bike’s gas tank. Others include a
fork bag, a small leather storage bag that mounts on the vehicle fork,
a sissybar bag that mounts on the sissybar, a license-plate bag that
mounts on your Harley’s license plate holder, and even a windshield bag
that mounts across the front of the windshield. These bags are often
made of soft leather or leather-like materials and offer a modest
amount of additional, easy-to-access storage.

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