Harley Davidson Wheels Guide

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When looking for a new set of wheels for your
Harley machine, you will find there’s a large stock from which to
choose. Many styles jump out at you as soon as you begin your search. We
are talking chrome, wire, buffed, black and a variety of others. Plus,
you will find that many of the most popular wheels are made in the
U.S.A. and ready to bolt right onto your touring bike, street bike, or

Decide what kind of stance you want your vehicle to have. Do you want
a chopped look? Is yours a touring bike where you prefer ruggedness and
practicality over style? Or are you going style all the way on your
street bike?

Discover the flashy look of staggered spoke wheels – they make your
ride look like it’s in pounce mode even while parked. Or go for the
classy look of straight spoke wheels.

Spoke wheels can have as few as three spokes or up to as many as 28
spokes. Wire wheels, the traditional thin “wire” look (think bicycle
wheels) are also an option.  Solid disc wheels will give you strength
and style, all in one. And the slotted disc, which is a cross between
spoke and disc, can give you added strength along with unmistakable
style. Finishes include:

  • mirror chrome — your standard “shiny” chrome
  • contrast chrome — more of a buffed, muted chrome
  • black cast — wheels with a black-on-black finish
  • textured — more of a rough finish in either chrome or black

Here’s a quick overview of some of the manufacturers and what they have to offer.


Harley naturally offers a big variety of wheels for their products.
These include wheels with names like Air Strike, Agitator, Anarchy,
Detonator, Knuckles, Reaper, Revolver, and Roulette. Shop the selection
at www.harley-davidson.com .


Renegade operates out of Orange, California, U.S.A. They offer
“bolt-on” convenience for current and past Harley models. Check out
these wheels: Whistler, Yukon, Vail, Rockin’, Tahoe, Aspen, Cheyenne,
Venice, and Phoenix. They can be viewed at www.RenegadeWheels.com

American Wire

Specializing in wire wheels, this company offers wheels with anywhere
from 40 to 100 wire spokes. A “triple nickel chrome” finish is long
lasting and attractive. Following the company’s instructions, you can
clean your wire wheels in just five minutes. “Perma-true” technology
means you never have to re-true your wire wheels. Contact American Wire
wheels at www.americanwire.com

Many companies offer a variety of brand names for your
Harley-Davidson – just start your search with “Harley-Davidson wheels,”
and you will see the many fine companies that offer quality wheels for
your Harley. Check out Hog Pro at www.hogprocom, Custom Chrome www.customchrome.com, Extreme Machines at www.extrememachineusa.co,  JP Cycles www.jpcycles.com – even ebay and amazon.com sell quality wheels for your Harley, — www.ebay.com and www.amazonl.com, respectively. You’ll be sure to find something that meets your Harley-Davidson wheel needs.

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