Hunting with Harley-Davidson

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Nowadays, any hunter worth his salt has at least one ATV to travel to his favorite hunting spot.  Of course, ATVs are a fairly recent invention and it wasn’t too long ago that Harley-Davidson motorcycles were the vehicle of choice for outdoorsmen.

Besides being capable offroad machines, they could also be customized to suit the rider.  The machine pictured above was outfitted with a sidecar, but instead of the standard sidecar body, a custom dog kennel was installed.  Perfect for small breeds like Terriers, this rig could transport the dogs safely out to the field and back again, hopefully with something for the stew pot tied on the back.


The founding fathers of Harley-Davidson were avid outdoorsmen and used their early models for both hunting and fishing.  It is not uncommon to find pictures of the William Davidson and William Harley riding on a motorcycle laden with the days catch.

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