Treasured Custom Harley Recovered After Theft Days Before

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Worth $85,000, custom Harley Road King is the last physical link between its builder and his late friend.

The theft of our beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycles is not anything we’d wish upon our worst enemies. We’d rather have some fool tip-over our bikes than make off with it. While a scratch or dent can be repaired to look as if nothing happened, there’s nothing that will cover up the scar upon our hearts when our rides disappear into the night.

It hurts even more when a stolen bike of ours is also the last physical connection to a lost loved one, as was the case in Derry, New Hampshire. According to Boston, Massachusetts NBC affiliate WBTS-LD, a special Harley-Davidson Road King belonging to Darryl Sargent was stolen in early October, then recovered four days later.

“It was just heart wrenching,” said Sargent. “I paced my apartment for a good hour sick to my stomach. It’s my life, it’s my heart, it’s my soul, it’s the only thing I have like this.”

The $85,000 Road King is more than an amazing custom-painted beauty for Sargent. The Harley was a project begun between him and his best friend, John, four years ago. Two years ago, John passed away, leaving Sargent to continue the build in honor of his late friend.

“This was my everything, and I rode it every day,” Sargent said.

The Road King was among three of five motorcycles recovered in Derry since the thefts began on September 24, per WBTS-LD. Derry Police recovered the three bikes after they were dumped in the woods near where Sargent’s bike was stolen; all were found with little damage.

“He was thrilled to have it back, we were thrilled to get it back for him, now we just need to catch the bad guy,” said Derry Police Captain Vern Thomas.

Derry Police detectives are close to recovering the last two stolen bikes, WBTS-LD says. The police add that bikes like Sargent’s custom Road King are fairly easy to recover, since the thieves can’t strip the bike for parts without attracting undue attention. Let’s hope all five owners have a happy ending in this gloomy story.

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