VIDEO: How to Remove a Harley Davidson Battery

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If you need to remove your Harley Davidson battery, it is
actually quite simple process. It should only take you a couple minutes
to complete this task and it doesn’t require any special skills.

Tools Needed

  • screw driver
  • ratchet or box wrench
  • wire brush

Access the Battery

First you’ll need to gain access to the battery. To do this you’ll
have to remove the seat and that will require taking out a couple bolts.
Once the bolts are removed the seat should just lift off.

Turn off the Bike

Never remove the battery while the motorcycle engine is running.

Remove the Contacts

You can loosen and remove the battery contacts using a box wrench or a
ratchet. Be sure to take the negative one off first. Once the contacts
are off you should clean them if they have any corrosion or residue on
them. Use a wire brush to do this.

Take the Battery Out

You should be able to lift your battery straight out from there. If
you plan to put the same battery back be sure to clean the terminals
first.Whether you are using the same battery or a new one you can just
reverse the process to get another battery in. When you do so, be sure
to put the positive contact on first. If using a new battery be sure to
get the correct battery as a replacement and follow the instructions
with the battery to properly activate it.

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