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For those of you who ride vintage iron, you understand just how filthy these motorcycles can get after a few hundred miles of riding.  Besides being subject to the usual amount of bugs and road grime, old motorcycles also produce a good bit of grease and grime on their own.  I’m not saying that my ’64 Duo-Glide leaks a lot of oil, but the engine does “sweat” a little when out on the highway.  Plus there is the chain oiler which is constantly spraying a fine mist of oil onto the rear chain.  Not being one to spend all my time washing and polishing, I’m always on the look out for products that will easily clean my motorcycle and get me back on the road as quick as possible.  With that goal in mind, I decided to try two products from Spectro Performance Oils.


Spectro makes a wide range of performance lubricants and since I trust them to keep my engine and transmission running smoothly, I thought I would see how their products handle the outside of the my motorcycle.  I started out with their Premium Motorcycle Wash, which you simple spray on and rinse off.  After the first application, my Panhead was dramatically cleaner and I hadn’t even touched it.  There were still some spots that needed attention, so as per the instructions, I sprayed the bike down again and lightly scrubbed the trouble areas with a wet rag.  Check out the results on my right saddlebag pictured below.  You can see that just spraying on the product and rinsing it off got rid of the majority of the grease and grime.

I also used the Premium Motorcycle Wash to tackle the impressive amount of bugs that were encrusted on the front of the bike.  I used the same two step process to clean the lights, front fender and forks.  The first application softened up the bugs nicely, making them easy to wipe off .  When it came to my windshield, I found it necessary to spray and scrub a couple times to remove some of the larger splatters, but overall the clean up was quick and easy.


Next I grabbed a can of the Spray and Polish along with a clean rag.  It works just like you would expect, simply spray on and wipe off.  What I liked about this product was that you didn’t have to worry about scrubbing dried polish out of every nook and cranny after using it.  On an old bike with nicks in the paint and scratches in the chrome, the last thing I want to do is highlight those flaws with dried polish.

After less than thirty minutes of work, my Panhead was the cleanest it’s been since I started riding it.  If you’ve got a vintage motorcycle or just a dirty new one, I’d suggest giving these products a try.  For those of you that have multiple motorcycles, Spectro’s got you covered with their Premium Motorcycle Wash available in 55 gallon drums!

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