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2018 Wicked Red Softail Slim with full build

Old 12-29-2018, 10:09 AM
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Default 2018 Wicked Red Softail Slim with full build

Up for sale is my 2018 Softail Slim. Iím going to go over how I came to get the bike, why Iím selling it, and then a rundown on the machine itself. I think this is important because as a true gear head I want to sell this motorcycle to the right person, another like minded/canít stop thinking about motorized vehicles, attention to detail oriented kind of person.

I bought this bike this past summer because I had an Indian. The Indian was a great bike, but at the end of the day while it looked the part (old school, pure/simple/unrefined) it was anything but. The bike was aluminum so it felt like a toy when you took it off the kickstand and the engine was so smooth/had such a linear power band it felt like a CBR engine instead of an American cruiser. For those of you who are gun guys the best way I can describe it is with the following comparison, the Indian felt like a Glock where as the Harley feels like a 1911. Both are great and do the job, but when I die I want to be buried with the 1911.

Thatís when I went on the search to buy the last bike Iíll ever own. The new slim had some awesome upgrades over the previous 2017 model. It had the looks I wanted, and most importantly when you hopped on the bike you felt like a Goddamn American. I pulled the trigger and put all of the parts on it that I thought created the ultimate American motorcycle. Classic looks with subtle/modern touches (Almost all the chrome has been replaced), raw unadulterated power (to put it lightlyÖits an absolute F*cking monster), and the perfect mixture of livable conveniences/simplicity to make it tame on longer cruises but more than bad enough for bar hopping.

In the past 30 days my life has been just about flipped upside down. A lot of the change have occurred, most of which I would describe as good things, however with all of these events the following is going to change for me within the next year or so:

First, I have no time whatsoever. Work has me extremely busy and the side interest/pursuit that Iíve been exploring is now turning into a career taking up more and more of my already scant amount of spare time. I feel like a sinner and a poor motorcyclist for not being able to ride this machine. Not to mention unsafe in the fact I have no time to practice (I like to be proficient at the things I do!) maneuvers/maintaining currency on the bike.

Second, is money. In order for me to make things happen with my career I need some more capital and having this beautiful piece of iron that I donít even have time to ride just sit there makes no sense.

Lastly, there is the very good chance if things work out Iím going to have to relocate to another part of the country that is no where close to where Iím currently living. The less stuff I have to uproot and move with me the better. So sadly many of my pursuits including motorcycling have been and will be pushed to the side whether I like it or not.

Now the bike. Like I said I did my best to build what I think is the ultimate American motorcycle. Here are the details on it, Iím sure Iím missing a lot, but Iíll do my best to cover at least the big items (dyno sheet attached):


∑ 2018 Wicked Red Softail Slim (VIN: 1HD1YDJ11JC030246) ~436 miles on bike

Upgraded parts (all work performed by Baltimore HD):

∑ Stage 4 Engine/Drivetrain kit with in house dyno tuning performed to ensure optimal output/operation

∑ TC96 spacer kit

∑ D&D 2:1 Fat Cat StraightBack black ceramic coat exhaust

∑ Blacked out engine kit

∑ Willie G black out timer cover

∑ Willie G black out derby cover

∑ Taillight relocation kit

∑ Black Mustache engine guard

∑ HD Detachables sissy bar

∑ HD Detachables windshield

The parts and dyno tune alone come to over $7K. Thatís without labor included and the butt pain of waiting for and hauling the bike to and fro to get everything done. All the new owner has to do is break in the stage IV kit!

Iím not trying to make money on this sale. Currently the payoff estimate on MyHDFS is $21,500 so thatís where everything stands right now. All I want is to have the new owner take over the loan/payments. I have paid quite a bit off already so all considering with whatís included, the satisfaction of not having to make any decisions on the ultimate build, no hassle trailering the bike to get the work done, waiting for the work to be done, and everything else associated I think itís a pretty good deal for somebody that is interested in a close to new as humanly possible bike with a complete build done the proper way. The new owner will get all the original parts, build receipts, and anything else I have for the bike, no different than if they bought the bike brand new themselves.

Harley has something called the ďRider to Rider programĒ that Iíd like to utilize for the sale. I think itís the best way to do this. It gives the buyer peace of mind because the bike will be looked over by them, they handle all the paperwork, all warranties are transferred, and everybody feels comfortable with the sale.

I just cleaned the bike (I even cleaned the damn wire wheelsÖif thatís not incentive to buy it Iím not sure what is), topped off the fuel tank, put the Stabil in it, and put it under the cover so it is officially ready for a good new home. My name is Garrett. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call, Iíd be more than happy to talk at length on the phone with anybody seriously interested (cell: 443 996 7444).

Thank you for looking.

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HDman13 (12-29-2018)
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Link to walk-around of motorcycle:
Old 01-07-2019, 12:10 PM
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Just came to say your description is awesome! I can tell you would be an easy person to deal with during the purchase.

+1 good luck with the sale!
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Good luck, that's alot of money on a, previously titled, used bike.
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polbit (03-05-2019)
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i think i would put the HP/TQ in the subject line, or in the first line of text, so you can "mouse over" and see the HP/TQ

that's what will sell this scoot...the numbers and amount of effort to get there will be worth someone.

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