Half Harley, Half Tank

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In the 1930’s, the Danish Army wanted to increase the range and mobility of their soldiers by purchasing armored cars.  Unfortunately, the Danish government was still reeling from the expenses of WWI and was not about to spend any more money on new military purchases.  In order to satisfy the government’s demands, the Army compromised by building a cheaper armored vehicle based on a 1932 Harley-Davidson model VSC.

The VSC was a standard Harley-Davidson model designated for commercial use with a sidecar.  Danish engineers designed armor plating to cover the motorcycle and sidecar which was built by the Landsverk AB factory in Sweden.  The new vehicle was designated the Landsverk 210.

As you would expect, the motorcycle preformed horribly.  The combination of an overloaded suspension and an under powered engine meant it was difficult to control on road and practically useless off road.  After initial testing, the Army sought to design a new version with lighter armor, but the project was dropped in August of 1933.


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