BSC Softail Is a Turnkey Custom Treasure

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Harley-Davidson - Turnkey

Converted 2009 Harley is one sweet–and economical–custom bike.

Let’s face it, custom bikes, more often than not, cost big bucks. If you want a ride that stands out from the cookie-cutter crowd, you have to open up your wallet. But, this 2009 BSC Softail, which we recently spotted on eBay, might just be the exception to that rule. That’s because it has actually received a conversion kit that gives it the appearance of a fully-custom bike, but it retains its original reliability, licensing and insurance costs.

The “BSC” in BSC Softail stands for Bitchin Seat Company, an outfit selling all sorts of Harley parts and conversion kits. This 2009 received a full compliment of said parts to showcase exactly what the company does. BSC started by shoehorning in a 120R engine. Then, a six-gallon stretched tank was added to feed the thirsty motor.

Everything you see on the Softail reads like a BSC catalog. From the 60 spoke wheels to the custom seat, nothing was left untouched. The front-end kit features a five-degree rake and Patriot dual front fork spring, topped off by a 180-degree fender. Out back, a 260mm Hardtail short fender adds to the custom appeal.

The entire bike sits one inch lower than stock, which both looks great yet leaves ample clearance for road use. The overall look is refreshingly simple, something that you don’t often see these days with wild paint jobs and graphics. The components used here speak for themselves, as does the Pacific Blue Pearl paint.

All of which makes this Softail worth a second or third look. And even though you may know that it’s really just a straightforward conversion and not a full-on custom, feel free to let others think it is.



Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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