‘Made in Milwaukee’ Gives Props to Harley-Davidson

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Harley-Davidson may have assembly plants all over America but its heart still beats strong and steady in the Milwaukee community.

Milwaukee’s lifestyle magazine On Milwaukee has published a great piece on our favorite motorcycle company. The publication’s senior writer, Molly Snyder, has done her research and really understands the brand, which she covers in her popular “Made in Milwaukee” column.

“There certainly isn’t one type of Harley-Davidson rider, but many H-D enthusiasts ride for similar reasons, aside from basic transportation, including as a reward after hard work, for a slice of rebellion and, most importantly, for a sense of freedom,” writes Snyder.


The piece covers the company’s history and impact on Milwaukee and sums up Harley-Davidson well as a company, a brand, a lifestyle, and a family, starting, of course, with William Harley and Arthur Davidson (pictured) getting the idea in their heads to motorize a bicycle.

“Little did they know at the time, but their version of this new transportation mode would not only revolutionize the vehicle industry but also serve as a tremendous source of Milwaukee culture, pride, and revenue for 114 years and counting,” the article highlights.

Product development, powertrain operations, corporate offices, and the Harley-Davidson Museum all live in Milwaukee. In fact, the museum is just one place you can tour. You can also take the Steel Toe tour of the Pilgrim Road Powertrain Facility.

“The powertrains are a part of the artwork of the motorcycle,” Randy Christianson, Harley’s GM of Powertrain Operations, tells On Milwaukee. “We call them the ‘heart of the engine’ and they’re made right here in Milwaukee…Thousands of folks come to see what we’re doing every year because this is world-class, American manufacturing at its best.”

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