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Touring Tire Issues

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Old 03-27-2010, 10:38 PM
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Do a thread search for 09 tire issues. I thought there ws something about it a couple of days ago
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Old 03-30-2010, 11:42 AM
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I got two letters in the mail over the winter months from Deeley Canada. One for the tank and one for the tire. Local shop found the front cupping so I got a new front tire. I already had 5000mi on the tire so it was a nice bonus!
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Old 03-30-2010, 11:59 AM
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I never got the letter, but had mine replaced at my 10,000 mile service. Was supposed to be prorated, but the dealer took care of me. Here is a copy of the TSB, hopes it shows up.

M-1258A 1 of 3
In the interest of preserving customer safety and satisfaction, always check for outstanding recalls whenever any motorcycle is brought into your
dealership for either maintenance or service.
2009 H-D
NO. 2
NO. 3
Reason for Revision
This bulletin was revised to update non-U.S. market procedures.
The purpose of this bulletin is to restate the inspection and
warranty process outlined in Dunlop’s Limited Warranty with
application to D407F front tires used on 2009 Touring models,
Police FL models and the FLHTCUSE
4 model to address
customer concerns related to:



Ride Quality

Motorcycles Affected
4 models equipped with one of the front tires
listed below. Refer to Table 1.

Customer Notification
Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. will send a letter to
registered owners of affected products in the United States
notifying them of this non-safety related condition and
instructing them to contact their dealer for the replacement
service. A sample of the customer letter is attached. Customers
outside the United States market may not receive this
Dealer Action Required
Irregular tire wear can occur for several reasons, including
improper inflation, overloading, extreme riding habits, tire/
wheel imbalance, or a part that is out of specification.
Even with regular maintenance and normal use, some of
these front tires may vibrate or create excessive noise and
may show irregular wear.
1. Ask the customer to explain their concern. Ride characteristics
that indicate irregular wear include:


Ride quality
2. Record the tire mileage and add it to the comments section
of the warranty claim.
3. Measure and record the tire pressure to verify that the
tire is inflated to specification and note it in the comments
section of the warranty claim.
4. Use a TREAD DEPTH INDICATOR (Part No. 75110-
98B) to measure the tread depth of a center line groove
at three locations, equally distanced, around the tire.

Do not select a groove with a tread wear indicator (TWI)
bar molded into the groove.

See Figure 1. Measure tread depth 1/2 way between the
groove branch and the end of the center line groove.

Table 1. 2009 Touring Models Dunlop
D407F Tires
16 in wide white wall 130/90B16 43211-09
17 in black wall 130/80B17 43109-09
17 in narrow white wall 130/80B17 43115-09
18 in black wall 130/70B18 44026-09
* This bulletin applies only to the four part numbers listed
when installed on affected 2009 Touring models.
M-1258A November 4, 2009
2 of 3 M-1258A
5. Record the depth on the gauge at each location on the
tire. Refer to Table 2.
6. Calculate the average of the three measurements.
7. On the tire, circle (with chalk or crayon) the one location
that represents the average remaining tread depth.
8. Identify the credit category according to the average
remaining tread depth. Refer to Table 3.
*Tires worn beyond the last 1/32” (0.78 mm) of original tread
depth are not covered.
Replacement Tires
Replace affected Dunlop D407F front tires on 2009 Touring
Models with superseded Dunlop D408F part numbers. Refer
to Table 4.
Reimbursement for Prior Tire
Replacement-U.S. Market Only
A customer that has already paid for a replacement of one of
the four tires listed in Table 1. may qualify for a dealer credit.
To qualify for the credit, a repair order (R.O.) from an authorized
Harley-Davidson dealer that includes the criteria
described on the attached reimbursement form must be submitted.
If the customer had the tire replaced at an authorized
Harley-Davidson dealership that is different than the dealer
submitting the reimbursement form, the customer is responsible
for providing a copy of the customer paid repair order from
the servicing dealer.
Complete the included Customer Reimbursement request
form and fax with a copy of the R.O. to (414) 343-8358. (U.S.
Market Only)
Credit Memo-U.S. Market Only
Within ten business days from the receipt of the Customer
Reimbursement Request form and a copy of the R.O., a
credit memo will be issued to the dealership submitting the
form for the amount of the repair up to $267. A letter will be
issued to the customer explaining that they have a credit
available at the dealership in the amount equal to the credit
Reimbursement for Prior Tire
Replacement-Non U.S. Market
Contact your Harley-Davidson Service Representative for
your specific market.
Figure 1. Measurement Location
Table 2. Tread Depth Worksheet
Location* Record Graduations Here
AVERAGE (1+2+3 divided by 3)
* No measurements in center line grooves with a TWI
Table 3. Credit/Remaining Tread Depth

in. mm in. mm in. mm
5/32 3.97 3/32-
2/32 0.78-1.59
Table 4. Dunlop D408F Tires
16 in wide white wall 130/90B16 43211-09A
17 in black wall 130/80B17 43109-09A
17 in narrow white wall 130/80B17 43115-09A
18 in black wall 130/70B18 44026-09A
M-1258A 3 of 3
Credit Procedure - Vehicle
U.S. Market/Non-U.S. Market
Complete an electronic warranty claim referencing Service
Bulletin M-1258A. Each warranty claim must contain the full
VIN of the vehicle being serviced. Fill in the rest of the claim
as follows:
To ensure proper credit and to avoid suspension of your
claim, you must provide the average remaining tread depth of
the tire and the tire mileage in comments section of the claim.
Refer to Table 3.
Credit Procedure - Dealer Stock
U.S. Market/Non-U.S. Market
Complete a separate electronic warranty claim referencing
Service Bulletin M-1258A for any affected D407F tires you
might have in stock. Refer to Table 1.
Fill in the rest of the form as follows:
Return Shipping Information-U.S.
Market Only
A request for the return of each replaced tire will be issued
within two business days of the claim being submitted and
processed at HDMC. Log onto and select “Warranty
Part Return Labels” and follow the normal part return
procedure for tires.
The preferred method of shipping is to place the tire inside a
box, with the UPS e-Label placed in a pouch on the box. It is
also desired to have no packing material in the box.
Legal Notice
This Service Bulletin is intended to address ride quality, vibration
and noise issues and is not related to a safety condition.
Nothing in this notice shall be construed as an admission by
the dealer or manufacturer of the existence of a motorcycle or
tire safety defect.
Claim Type

Event Problem Part No.
From Table 1.

Leave Blank

Primary Labor Code


Customer Concern Code

Condition Code

Replacement Part No.
List correct Part No.
from Table 4. at detail.


Claim Type

Event Problem Part No.

Part Description


Customer Concern Code

Condition Code
* Part numbers and/or quantities will vary depending on what
you have in stock. Create a separate event for each unique
tire part number in stock.

November 4, 2009
Dear Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owner:
Our records indicate you are the owner of a 2009 FL Touring model motorcycle.
Harley-Davidson has determined that 2009 FL touring motorcycles including FLHP, FLHT,
FLHTP, FLHR, FLHX, FLTR, and FLHTCUSE4 models fitted with the Dunlop D407F tires on
the front may experience irregular wear characteristics under some conditions, which could affect
ride quality but is not related to a safety condition.
If you experience a change in ride quality related to irregular wear on the front tire, please visit
your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer to determine if the wear qualifies under the pro-rated
If the wear qualifies for full or partial coverage under the pro-rated warranty and the front tire is
replaced, your dealer will ask you to sign a tire claim form when you pick up your motorcycle.
If you have previously purchased a front tire as a replacement for Dunlop D407F tire due to
noise, vibration and/or poor ride quality as a result of irregular wear, and did not receive any prorated
coverage, you may qualify for a reimbursement. Please visit your authorized Harley-
Davidson dealer for the details of the qualifying requirements.
We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but we have released this communication in the
interest of your continued satisfaction with our product.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Customer Reimbursement Request Form-U.S. Market Only
Dealer name ______________________________________________
Dealer number ____________________________________________
Dealership employee contact name ____________________________
VIN __________________________________________________ ___
Customer Name and current mailing address
must match the name on the repair order]
__________________________________________________ ______
__________________________________________________ ______
__________________________________________________ ______
__________________________________________________ ______
Customer Signature

Before submitting this form, please confirm that the signed, closed out and paid Repair
Was issued by an Authorized Harley-Davidson dealer,

Includes a VIN from a 2009 Touring model Harley-Davidson,

Includes the Part No. of a front tire noted in Table 1 of the bulletin,

Documents a customer complaint of noise, vibration or poor ride quality,

Has an incoming service date of November 4, 2009 or earlier.
The repair order must include
ALL of the listed items in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Please fax this completed form and a copy of the customer’s Repair Order to
Harley-Davidson Customer Service at (414) 343-8358.
This request will be processed within 10 business days.
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Old 03-30-2010, 12:47 PM
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Default Link for pdf of service bulletin M-1258A

11/04/09 H-D Service Bulletin regarding front tire wear:
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Old 03-30-2010, 03:06 PM
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I brought my bike for its normal 10K mile service and to have both tires replaced. The dealer did get the front tire covered for free, which was very nice. I hate fighting over crap unless I need to.
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Old 03-30-2010, 03:38 PM
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I did not receive a letter, but thanks to this forum I was able to get a new tire when mine was cupping. Actually, my dealer only paid for half due to the wear on the tire at only 8000 miles. They did pay the service fee though.
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Old 03-30-2010, 03:42 PM
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Mine got replaced last week with 7300 miles on it. No hassle at all. Rides much better too.
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Old 03-30-2010, 05:07 PM
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Default 2009 Touring Tires

Mine was an early 09 bike, and I did NOT receive a letter from HD, although my tire started roaring at around 600 miles on it. At 4500 miles and a well defined tire tread chop, Richmond Harley Davidson mechanics, the head mechanic, the head service writer said "no problem with you bike, but it is making a weird noise". I said it is the tire, they said no way, its this, its that, its the other for over a week. In the end, they said it was the front tire afterall. Dumb a$$es. The replacement has over 1000 miles on it and so far its quiet. The rear tire is now roaring though. I've never had problems with the Dunlops they used on the 2006 Street Glide. I got over 20,000 on the front, and 14,000 quiet miles on the rear. The new improved tires are not so more improved than they are new.

I did get a letter on the fuel tank mounts, and had them replaced. No problems there, but then again I went to a different HD dealer this time(East Coast HD).
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Old 03-30-2010, 09:20 PM
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Didnt get the letter either. But had taken mine in early, after the problem came to light but before the guidence letter came out. And lucky on that, had over 19000 miles on the tire, but they did get MOCO to cover it. BTW, the rear tire lasted to 19000 also. Talked to a guy that got 25000 on the rear b/f he had to change it.
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Old 03-30-2010, 09:55 PM
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Thanks to the forum I had mine checked out at the 5K service and they were already cupping. Goe replaced them with no questions asked. The only problem that I had noticed was a wobble in a slow curve that really freaked me out when it happened.
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